Paramananda Chayengia
Hon'ble Chairman
Mising Autonomous Council
The Mising Autonomous Council was established
The Mising Autonomous Council was established
The Mising Autonomous Council was established
The MAC is funded by the State Govt. of Assam under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). Fund allocation to MAC was very little till 2005. In 2005, the Govt entered in to an agreement with the agitating tribal organizations and it was decided to enhance the budget allocation to MAC. Since then fund allocation has been gradually increased, although the amount always falls short of meeting huge demands and needs.

Fund allocated to MAC since 1996-97 are given below. Funds allocated during 2010-11 was lapsed as there was no Council, not even a nominated one; and fund allocated for 2011-12 and 2012-13 were revenue deposited for the same reason. Fund for 2013-14 has been released after the elected council has taken charge and the same is being utilized at present.

1996-97 Rs. 5.12 Crore
1997-98 Rs. 5.46 Crore
1998-99 Rs. 2.87 Crore
1999-2000 Rs. 5.02 Crore
2000-01 Rs. 2.21 Crore
2001-02 Rs. 4.28 Crore
2002-03 Rs. 4.72 Crore
2003-04 Rs. 4.18 Crore
2004-05 Rs. 7.67 Crore
2005-06 Rs. 17.55 Crore
2006-07 Rs. 21.60 Crore
2007-08 Rs. 23.50 Crore
2008-09 Rs. 25.00 Crore
2009-10 Rs. 31.76 Crore
2010-11 Rs. 35.08 Crore (LAPSED)
2011-12 Rs. 41.35 Crore (Revenue Deposit)
2012-13 Rs. 45.97 Crore (Revenue Deposit)
2013-14 Rs. 53.69 Crore (Utilized)
2014-15 Rs. 58.52 Crore (Sanctioned)
  Rs. 29.26 Crore (Released)